What is the goal of Hope Church Children’ ministry:

. To help children feel a warm sense of belonging to their church family and to insure each child feels welcomed and wanted.

Our topic for this year will be Awesome Heroes (standing strong for God)… Each day the children will be part of Bible learning, they can see, hear, and touch. We will start the VBS with an active dancing praise and worship, share the Bible story and lesson.

We will break out in to 4 stations according to their age groups:

  1. Bible station: Children will memorize verses from the Bible , play game verse ,and group discussion .
  2. Team game building station …children will learn how to play together and have fun.
  3. Craft station…children will enjoy making crafts related to the Bible lesson.
  4. Food station …children will be served and nice quick meal.

All these activities will help our children to have a life time changing experience.



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